The 5th Annual Farm-City Luncheon - Meet our Keynote Speaker!

Article Posted on October 19, 2022


Hello Friends,

We are thrilled to announce our luncheon's Keynote speaker!

Dr. Megan Davis, Ph.D., Research Professor,
Aquaculture and Stock Enhancement Program,
Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

Dr. Davis is internationally recognized for her over four decades of work in the field of warm-water aquaculture working closely with communities and industry. She has led several team projects throughout the Caribbean and Florida and has been working at FAU Harbor Branch for 26 years.

Her passion for the ocean began as a young girl collecting shells along the beaches of her native Australia and sailing many summers in The Bahamas with her family. She spent 10 years in the Turks and Caicos Islands as co-founder and chief scientist for the world’s largest queen conch farm. She is Chair of the NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee (MAFAC) and was lead for the MAFAC seafood promotion task group.

Megan and her team work on queen conch restoration and conservation community partnership projects in Florida, The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Curaçao and other locations in the Caribbean. She also conducts research on sea vegetable aquaculture, a sustainable crop for coastal restoration and culinary dishes.


Farming the Sea

Aquaculture is Agriculture. Aquaculture is the farming of fresh and saltwater plants and animals for food, restoration, pharmaceuticals, and ornamentals. In this presentation you will learn about Florida Atlantic University Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s aquaculture program that includes growing marine fish, shrimp, clams, and sea vegetables with the goal to advance and transfer this technology. Aquaculture in Florida will be highlighted along with why aquaculture is a growing business in our state and worldwide.

About Florida Atlantic University
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute

FAU Harbor Branch prioritizes solution-oriented research that addresses critical issues affecting coastal zone, oceans, and human well-being. Research scientists take a global approach, conducting studies around the world in varying climates, ecosystems, and cultures.



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