Welcome to One Martin

In today’s world it is easier than ever to access information from our electronic gadgets and through social media. And while the circulation of fake news has always existed, the sheer volume of misinformation being distributed makes it easier than ever for people to be fooled by misleading news disguised as facts.

Here in Martin County, there is a long history of “fake news” and this has created a divisiveness and rift in our community.  As with the rest of the world, our community dialogue often leads to people retreating to their respective corners where they obtain their information from limited sources that simply reinforce their positions and beliefs. 

We need to change this dynamic. 

We need to acknowledge our differences with respect. 

We need to create a community conversation that results in finding common ground. 

If we accomplish these things, we can work together to make Martin County a healthier more resilient and prosperous community for everyone.

We are One Martin.

One Martin will collaborate with people from all walks of life and all parts of our community – urban and rural, families and business owners, seniors and students, landowners and environmentalists. The common thread will be a genuine desire to move Martin County forward. 

Our website, social media platforms, and e-news will be a forum for reliable, fact-based and scientifically supported information. 

We will have civil discussions and attempt to mend the rift between the coastal and rural parts of our community, between the historically divided groups that have had difficulty connecting because of the decades of myths that have been put forth by a few ideological extremists.