What they don't want you to know about hunger and hardship in Martin County.

Article Posted on July 7, 2017

Dear friends,
As any Martin County year-round local knows, a sure sign that we’re well into summer is less traffic on the roads and more open tables at our favorite eating spots because the “snowbirds” have migrated to their homes up north. The rest of us who stay in town to live, work and raise our families have to keep watch on our government in action. Martin County politics is not a spectator sport! Policy-making doesn’t take a break just because voters take a vacation.

We have two big issues on the table right now. One is Martin County's comp plan amendment about the extension of sewer services and septic tank sizes that currently is being reviewed by the State. There is also an important referendum that will be on the ballot at the end of August about the sales tax.  The people who propagate Martin County myths are busy as ever – holding meetings and shooting out emails filled with misinformation about these and other topics.

Speaking of myths, we’re going to devote a section of this and future e-newsletters to debunking these myths one by one.  We want you, and our friends and neighbors, to be armed with facts.  Our goal is straightforward: a more informed citizenry...

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