Martin County's Path to Preventing Browardization - Oops, We Goofed!

Article Posted on May 17, 2022

Note: It is our goal at One Martin to provide reliable, fact-based information so citizens can be better informed about our government and our community. 
When we make a mistake we try to correct it as soon as it is brought to our attention.

A sharp-eyed One Martin reader let us know that we referred to the Everglades water conservation areas as Stormwater Treatment Areas in the conclusion to our series, “Here We Go Again!”

That's just plain wrong, and we apologize for the mistake.

We were noting the remarkable – and somewhat scary – similarities between Broward County's land use patterns in the '70s and '80s and Martin County's today. None of us wants to “Browardize” Martin County, thus it's important to understand the historic similarities, as well as today's obvious differences.

If you missed it, we hope you'll spend a few minutes reading our complete series, which we've posted on the One Martin website. Please also pass it along to your friends and neighbors. Sometimes, the best way to determine the path forward is to look at where you've been.

For the complete series, CLICK HERE.

Rick Hartman
President, One Martin